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Henry Wicks was born about 1808, possibly at Kingswood, near Wotton-under-Edge, in Gloucestershire. His parents were Stephen Wicks and Sarah Hable.

His marriage to Hannah (or Georgiana) Sargeant has not yet been located. Georgiana was the daughter of Nathaniel Sargeant (bap 1772 Kingswood) who married Mary Milsom in 1804 at Hawkesbury, Gloucestershire. Nathaniel Sargeant was the son of William Sargeant, who married Ann Gowen in 1774 at Hawkesbury. Georgiana was born 12.4.1812 at Kingswood.

Henry and Georgiana (Hannah) arrived aboard the Bussorah Merchant in Sydney on 5 September 1839 with their children Mary Sargeant (b.c.1831), Nathaniel Sargeant (b.c.1833), Caroline Veal (b.c.1835) and David (b.c.1837). The VAISEY family (who were related) was also with them, as was the Thompson family of Hawkesbury.

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Kingswood has at various times been in both Gloucestershire and Wiltshire - a 1787 maps shows it as a very small area belonging to Wiltshire, completely surrounded by Gloucestershire.


Nathanael is the son of William Sargeant and an unknown Hannah, and a sister of Hannah Sargeant who married James Ballard. Nathanael Sargeant was bap. 30.12.1772 at Kingswood, and married Mary Milsom 13.10.1804 at Cam.  (Hannah Ballard, daughter of Hannah and James is one of the Vaiseys, above)

Hannah Wicks nee Sargeant died 8.6.1877 at Pyramont, Sydney, and Henry Wicks died 17.7.1882 at Redfern.

Of their children, Mary m.James Sullivan, Nathaniel Sargeant m. Sarah Ann Milson (see below), Caroline Veal m.1 David Augustus Munro, m.2 James Kenny, David (died young??). The children born in Australia, all at Merriwa, were Martha Jane m. William Spooner, Ellen (or Helen) Georginana m. Thomas Armstrong, William Joseph (b.1845, d.1860), Emily Louisa m. John Vaisey, Fanny Ann m. Charles Pritchard and Elizabeth Sarah (no trace)

Milson family

Sarah Ann Milson was born at Aberdeen, NSW on 6 Oct 1838 and was a daughter of Charles Milson and Annie Maria Lyons. According to my information, Charles Milson arrived in Australia 25 June 1831 as a convict (offence: machine breaking - damaging reaping machine - tried and transported with 18 others for same offence in Berkshire on 27 Dec 1830, sentence 14 yrs 4 months). He had previously married Martha Bearfield 23 July 1827 at Aldworth, Berkshire and left behind 2 children, a boy aged 18 months and a girl, 3 yrs. He married Annie Lyons on 7 Nov 1837. In addition to Sarah, they had two other children, William George, b 10 Oct 1842 and Edwin Lewis, b 14 Nov 1844.

As another point of interest, Milson was sometimes also written as either Millson or Milsom. I wonder if it could be that Charles was related to Mary Milsom, mother of Hannah Sargeant? For example, if Charles' father William and Mary Milsom were siblings. If that were so, then Nathaniel Sargeant Wicks and Sarah Ann Milson could have been second cousins.

(Thanks to Morrie Duggan for the information on Milsons)

Note: MILSOM is also a name from Hawkesbury in Gloucestershire.




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