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This page lists up to the first three Australian generations, although details have been abbreviated for the third generation.


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I. William Sargeant married Ann Gowen on 21 August 1774 at Hawkesbury, Gloucestershire, England.

A. William Sargeant was christened on 8 January 1775 at Hawkesbury. He married Mary Morgan on 26 December 1798 at Kingswood.

1. Mary Ann Sargeant was christened on 25 May 1806 at Kingswood.

B. Sarah Sargeant was christened on 6 July 1776 at Kingswood.

C. Ann Sargeant was christened on 13 July 1777 at Kingswood.

D. Hannah Sargeant was christened on 18 July 1779 at Kingswood. She married James Ballard on 17 May 1807 at Kingswood, Gloucs, Eng.

1. Hannah (Ann) Ballard was christened on 18 October 1808 at Kingswood, Gloucs, Eng. She married Nathaniel Vaisey, son of Thomas Vaisey and Jane Hale, before 1835. She immigrated on 5 September 1839 to Sydney per Bussorah Merchant with Nathaniel and her family and died on 18 December 1867 at Hinton, NSW, at age 59. She was buried circa 19 December 1867 at Anglican Churchyard, Hinton, NSW.

For further details, see VAISEY family

2. John Ballard was christened on 13 January 1811 at Kingswood, Gloucs.

E. Nathaniel Sargeant was christened on 13 December 1782 at Kingswood. He married Mary Milsom on 13 October 1804 at Hawkesbury.

1. Ann Sargeant was christened on 22 September 1805 at Kingswood.

2. Sarah Sargeant was christened in 1808 at Kingswood.

3. Georgiana (Hannah) Sargeant. She was christened on 12 April 1812 at Kingswood and married Henry Wicks, son of Stephen Wicks and Sarah Hable, circa 1830 in Gloucestershire. On 2 September 1839 she arrived in Sydney, per the Bussorah Merchant with Henry and her family. She died on 8 June 1877 at Pyrmont, Sydney, NSW, at age 65.

a) Mary Sargeant Wicks was born in 1831 at Gloucestershire/Wiltshire. She married James Sullivan on 26 September 1849 at Sydney and died 21 Jan 1931.

(1) Georgiana Sullivan was born in 1849. She married Thomas Stewart or Stuart on 20 September 1871.

(a) Frederick Stewart

(b) Alfred Stewart

(2) Henry Sullivan was born in 1851

(3) Mary J. Sullivan was born in 1852 at Merriwa, NSW. She married Alexander S. Young on 1 March 1881 at West Maitland, NSW. She died in 1900 at Manilla, NSW.

(a) Charles Alexander Young.

(b) George Henry Young mar. Florence Williams

(c) William R. Young.

(d) James Nathaniel Young mar. Agnes Northey

(e) Frederick Henry Young

(f) Alexander  Henry Young mar Lena Rootes

(g) Florence R. Young

(h) Mary Eva Young mar. Alan Cain.

(i) Stephen Thomas (Edward) Young  mar Lily Violet Moore

(j) Albert McDonald Young

(k) Ada C. Young mar Len Major and then Fred Hazell

(l) Malcolm Edward Young mar. Bessie

(m) Lily May Young mar. John Northey

(n) Ethel Vera Young mar. Victor Bean.

(l) Archibald Young

(4) James Sullivan was born in 1853 and married Mary Hazell in 1876.

(5) Caroline Louisa Sullivan was born in 1855 and married Thomas Hazell in 1874.

(6) Nathaniel Sullivan was buried at Merriwa, NSW. He married Sarah Isabelle Wicks, daughter of Nathaniel Sargeant Wicks and Sarah Ann Milson. He died on 25 August 1938.

(a) Kate Sullivan mar. Alfred Stewart, s.o. Thomas Stewart and Georgiana Sullivan

(b) Bertha Sullivan

(7) Sarah Ann Sullivan was born in 1858 and married William French in 1879

(8) William James Sullivan was born in 1860 and married Kate Smith in 1885.

(9) Emily Sullivan was born in 1861 and married John E. French in 1878

(10) Margaret Sullivan was born in 1862 and married George Redman in 1875.

Linda also has reference to a William Joseph Sullivan, who she cannot fit in.

Yosef is descended from Caroline Sullivan.

CAUTION: Linda is a little confused about this branch, and confirmation is sought.

b) Nathaniel Sargeant Wicks was born in 1833 at Gloucestershire/Wiltshire. He married Sarah Ann Milson on 22 February 1856 at Cassilis, and died on 27 January 1913 at Sydney, NSW.

(1) Annie Marie Wicks born 14 Mar 1856 Cassilis,  married 13 Dec 1879 to John Thomas Knight and died in 1941.

(a) Annie Laura Knight

(b) Maud V. Knight mar. Richard Townsend

(c) Sarah M. Knight mar. John McNamara

(d) Nathanial Russell Knight

(e)Florrie E. Knight mar. John S. Evans

(f) Stella R. Knight mar. Victor Charles Pritchard

(2) Harold (Henry?) James Wicks Did not marry. He was born in 1859 and died on 25 June 1938.

(3) William Joseph Wicks  was born 3 Aug 1860 at Torry Burn, Armidale, died 1934 at Merriwa. Married 29 August 1886 to Cathryn Houlahan.

(a) Florence Wicks mar. Russell Hunt

(b) William Patrick Wicks mar. Henrietta M. Daniel

(c) Leo Wicks mar. Florence Mary Daniel

(d) John Patrick (Jack) Wicks mar. Leila Minnie French

(e) Minnie Margaret Wicks mar. Vivian Daniel

(f) Ila C. Wicks mar. John Thomas Cronin

(g) Mary Ellen Wicks

(4) Nathanial Charles Wicks born 23 December 1861 at Toryburn, Armidale, died 23 June 1930 Merriwa, married 6 May 1888 at Rockhall, Merriwa to Sarah Jane Pittman.

(a) Beryl Ivy Wicks m George Collins

(b) Neville Charles Wicks m Vera Zilla May Wicks

(c) Cyril Wicks m  Clara Coralie Wicks

(d) Gladys Linda Wicks, m Charles F Carter

(5) Rose Australia (Ruby) Wicks married William Walters on 21 may 1882. She was born on 25 September 1863 at Cassilis and died 30 August 1944.

(a) Ernest Leslie Walters mar. Margaret F.M. Brindle

(b) Olive Mary Ann Walters mar. Thomas Emery

(c) Charles N. Walters mar. Constance Trevitt

(d) William T. Walters

(e) Alfred E. Walters mar. Grace A. Brindle

(f) Gerty V. Walters

(g) George H. Walters mar. maud C. Simpson

(h) Rosey G. Walters mar. William H. Howlett

(i) Ruby I. Walters mar. Percy C.A. Porter

(j) Edith C. Walters mar. William J. Deane

(6) Sarah Isabelle Wicks married Nathaniel Sullivan, son of James Sullivan and Mary Sargeant Wicks. She was buried at Merriwa, NSW. She was born on 13 September 1866 at Merriwa, and died on 12 March 1937 at age 70. [***confirmation required***]

(7) Mary Ellen Wicks married 8 Feb 1888 to Robert Pitman. She was born on 5 July 1868 at Merriwa, NSW and died on 22 September 1945 at age 77. She was buried circa 23 September 1945 at Merriwa.

(a) Nathaniel Henry Roland Pittman mar. Grace Eilzabeth Reinhart

(b) Edward Adolphus Pittman mar. Vera F. Regan

(c) Victoria Ellen Pittman

(d) Vida Agnes Pittman mar. Robert Vawdry

(e) Clarence Joseph Pittman mar. Corinda Mary Regan

(f) Roland Robert Pittman

(g) Ivy Sarah Pittman

(h) Dudley Lloyd Pittman

(i) Albert Victor Pittman mar. Annie Charlotte Lettice

(j) Bertha Mabel Pittman mar. William Black

(k) Frederick Arthur Pittman (or Arthur Frederick)

(8) Edwin Lewis (Ned) Wicks born 5 (or 26th??) August 1870 at Merriwa, died 23 December 1928 at Denman, bur. Merriwa,  married 19 June 1889 at Murrurundi to Catherine Christine (or Christina Catherine) Hiles.

(a) Annie Elizabeth Wicks mar. Thomas Duggan

(b) Edward Carlton (Jack) Wicks  m  Eilzabeth Victoria Vera Wicks (no relation),

(c) George Bernard St Clair (Clair) Wicks m  Margaret Elizabeth George

(d) Clara Coralie (Corrie) Wicks m. Cyril Wicks

(e) John Clive Chisolm (Clive) Wicks m. Edith Sara Hayward.

(f) Emily Agnes Wicks m. William David George

(g) Thomas Bertrum (Tommy) Wicks m. Monica Stair,

(9) Bertha Victoria Wicks married William Albert Pitman 8 Sept 1891 at Merriwa. She was born on 2 August 1872 at Merriwa, NSW and died 31 October 1932 at Merriwa.

(a) Albert Arnold Pittman

(b) Laura Edith Pittman mar. Rowland John Byfield

(c) Samuel Pittman

(d) Allan Pittman

(10) Florence Jane Wicks married 15 October 1899 to Henry Honnery. She was born on 7 November 1874 at Cassilis and died 20 April 1941 at Musswellbrok.

(a) Laura Sylvia Honnery mar. William R. Thompson

(b) Nathaniel Sargeant Honnery mar. Ivy I. Gallimore

(c) Phyllis Sarh Honnery

(d) Henry John Honnery

(e) Eric William Honnery

(f) Henry Albert Honnery

(g) Florence Edith Honnery

(h) Cedric Neil Honnery

(11) Elizabeth Laura Wicks, born 15 September 1876 at Cassilis and died in 1925. She married Arthur Casley Austin on 21 April 1897.

(a) Roy N.Austin mar. Amelia Phillips

(b) Cecil A. Austin mar. Eileen Ruddock

(c) Cora E. Austin mar. Ernest H. Cross

(d) Ivy M. Austin

(e) Charles N. Austin mar. Rhonda Elizabeth Jurd

(12) Alfred Stephen Wicks was born on 4 April 1878 at Merriwa, and died 20 March 1935 at Merriwa. He married (1) 14 Feb. 1900 Charlotte Reeves Horne (d.26 Apr 1913) and (2) in 1914 to Elizabeth Mary Theresa (Jessie) Elliott.

(a) Robert Victor Wicks mar. Gladys Mary Byfield

(b) Henry Albert (Harry) Wicks mar. Robina May (Beana) Holman

(c) Sarah Irene (Dolly) Wicks mar. Alvin bailey Walsh

(d) Alfred Sydney Wicks mar. Verlie Francis --------

(e) Charlotte May Wicks mar. Arthur Holman

(f) Constance Jean Wicks mar Harold Holman

(g) Tom Basil Connelly Wicks mar. Elaine Avard

(h) Albert Wicks

(i) Lawrence Wicks

(13) George Sydney Wicks married 9 September 1903 to Florence Elizabeth Scott. He was born on 9 March 1881 at Merriwa, NSW. He died on 3 October 1948 at Merriwa

(a) Nathaniel Sargeant Wicks

(b) Charles Blakefield Wicks mar. Hilda M. Amidy

(c) Mervyn George Sydney Wicks mar. Phyllis Valerie Kurtz

(d) Myra Amelia melvina Wicks mar. Winifred Godfrey Hackett

(e) Wilson Claude Wicks mar. Doris Neta Watts.

The following researchers are listed as descendants/researchers for Nathaniel Sargeant Wicks and Sarah Milson:
Morrie, through Edwin Lewis and Christine Wicks: Email Morrie
Sue,  through Edwin Lewis and Christine Wicks: Email Sue
Alisa, through Alfred Stephen Wicks:
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Wayne: through Beryl Ivy Wicks, daughter of Nathaniel Charles Wicks: Email Wayne

c) Caroline Veal Wicks was born circa 1835 possibly at Kingswood, Eng. She married David Augustus Munro on 23 April 1852 at Cassilis and then James Kenney in 1871 at Mudgee. She died in 3 Sept 1893 at Mudgee.

(1) Christine Munro was born in 1853 and married Andrew Vaisey, son of Nathaniel Vaisey and Hannah (Ann) Ballard, on 5 April 1873 at Merriwa, NSW.

(2) Alexander Stuart Munro was born 6 October 1854 at Merriwa

(3) Sarah Munro was born in 1855 and died in 1863.

(4) Louisa Jane Munro was born in 1856 and mar. Arthur John Nicholls on 2 Nov. 1875 at Burrundulla, Mudgee.

(5) Margaret C. Munro was born in 1861 and mar. Edward J. Corrigan in 1880.

(6) Esther Kenny was born in 1864

(7) Bridget Kenny was born 8 March 1864 at Mudgee and died 18 Jan 1934 at Wickham. She mar. William Robert Rope on 30 June 1890.

(8) Fanny A. Kenny was born 1866 at Mudgee and died 1867 at Mudgee.

(9) Emily Kenny was born 1868 at Mudgee and died in 1931. She mar. Joseph Furbank on 26 Jan 1887 at Mudgee.

(a) Ernest Hunt Furbank mar. Dausey Steele

(b) Ethel May Furbank mar. William Dick

(c) Leslie Joseph Furbank mar. Ivy Shurmer

(d) Roy James Furbank mar. Lila Olga May Derrick

(e) Edith C.J. Furbank mar. Harry Carter

(f) Clarice Furbank mar. Phillip O. Sheehan

(10) Andrew James Kenny was born in 1870

(11) Flora Ann Kenny was born in 1874 and mar. Samuel G. Day in 1892

(12) Henrietta Kenny was born in 1877 and mar. Francis Miller in 1897.

This branch is being researched by Ian:  nickpen{at}bigpond.net.au

d) David Wicks was born circa 1837 at Gloucestershire/Wiltshire. He appears to have died in England, before the family emmigrated.

e) Martha Jane Wicks was born on 18 October 1840 at Merriwa, NSW. She married William Spooner in 1861.

(1) William Eric Spooner was born in 1861 and mar. Maud Dubois in 1884

(a) Eric Spooner

(2) Nathaniel J. Spooner was born in 1863 and died in 1864.

(3) Mary A.W. Spooner was born in 1865 and mar. William Jones in 1885

(4) Harriet Spooner was born in 1866

(5) Nathaniel Spooner was born in 1868 and died in 1869.

(6) Ellen G. Spooner was born in 1870 and died in 1871

(7) Amelia R. Spooner was born in 1871 and died in 1874.

(8) Thomas D. Spooner was born in 1873 and died in 1876

(9) Albert Spooner was born in 1875

(10) Walter F. Spooner was born and died in 1877

(11) Herbert H.F. Spooner was born in 1878

(12) Walter George Spooner was born in 1880

(13) Nathaniel leslie Spooner was born and died in 1883.

f) Helen Georgiana Wicks was born on 11 November 1842 at Merriwa, NSW and died in 1900. She married Thomas Armstrong in 1865.

g) William Joseph Wicks was born on 10 April 1845 at Merriwa, died 27 January 1860 Glebe, NSW.

h) Emily Louisa Wicks was born on 14 February 1847 at Merriwa, NSW. She was christened on 3 March 1847 at Holy Trinity, Merriwa, NSW. She married John Vaisey, son of Nathaniel Vaisey and Hannah (Ann) Ballard, on 20 September 1871 at Merriwa, NSW and died on 27 August 1940 at Charlestown, NSW, at age 93. She was buried on 28 August 1940 at Charlestown, NSW.

For further details see VAISEY Family

This branch is being researched by Linda Barraclough

i) Fanny Ann Wicks married Charles Pritchard in 1868. She was born on 14 September 1848 at Merriwa, NSW.

(1) Henry C Pritchard born 1869, died 1945

(2) Samual A. Pritchard born 1872

(3) Irene Pritchard born 1875

(4) Frederick Pritchard born 1878

(5) Charles G Pritchard born 1881, died 1940

(6) Victor Charles Pritchard, born 1883, married  Stella R Knight, dau. of John Knight and Annie Marie Wicks in 1910

(7) Oliver C Pritchard, born 1885

(8) Ethelbert W Pritchard born 1887, died 1890

j) Elizabeth Sarah Wicks was born on 14 June 1851 at Merriwa, NSW and mar. James H. Stevens in 1892.

(1) Essie E. Stevens, born 1892

(2) Cyril H.E. Stephens, born 1896

F. Sarah Sargeant was christened on 13 May 1787 at Kingswood.

G. Betty Sargeant was christened in 1790 at Kingswood.


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