This page lists up to the first three Australian generations, although details have been abbreviated for the third generation.

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NathanielVaiseyHeadstone.jpg (25961 bytes)

Nathaniel Vaisey's headstone in the Anglican Churchyard, Merriwa.

I. John Vaizey married Mary Millard on 3 February 1761 at Cam, Gloucs, Eng.

A. Thomas Vaisey married Jane Hale. He was born on 9 April 1764 at Cam, Gloucs, Eng.

1. Sabina Vaisey was christened on 23 March 1800 at Kingswood, Gloucs.

2. Mary Ann Vaisey was christened on 14 February 1802 at Kingswood, Gloucs.

3. Betty Gazard Vaisey was christened on 5 July 1804 at Kingswood, Gloucs.

4. John Vaisey was christened on 6 April 1806 at Kingswood, Gloucs.

5. Nathaniel Vaisey was baptized on 29 January 1809 at Kingswood, Gloucs, Eng. He married Hannah (Ann) Ballard, daughter of James Ballard and Hannah Sargeant, before 1835. He immigrated on 5 September 1839 to Sydney, per Bussorah Merchant with Hannah and his family. He died on 11 September 1885 at Merriwa, NSW, at age 76. He and his family lived around Hinton and on the Patterson River before he moved to Meriwa late in life. Hannah is buried in the cemetery at Hinton, Nathaniel at Merriwa.

a) Louisa Vaisey was born on 5 January 1835 at Wiltshire/Gloucestershire. She married Levi Dawson on 29 May 1851 at West Maitland, NSW and died on 10 October 1888 at Raymond Terrrace, NSW, at age 53.

(1) William Dawson was born in 1852 and died in 1940.

        (a) George Dawson

(2) John Dawson was born in 1854 and died in 1917.

        (a) Grace Bertha Dawson

(3) George Dawson was born 1857

(4) James Dawson was born in 1858.

(5) Louisa Dawson was born in 1860.

(a) Alice Mary Williams, mar. John Germon

(b) Alfred Edward Williams

(c) Margaret Louisa Williams, mar. Alec Watson

(d) Frank George Williams mar. Lena Farley

(e) Arthur Henry Williams

(6) Mary Ann Dawson was born in 1862 and died in 1936.

(7) Thomas Dawson was born in 1864.

(8) Hannah Dawson Did not marry. She was born in 1866 and died in 1949.

(9) Joseph Dawson Did not marry. He was born in 1868 and died in the 1950s.

(10) Eliza Dawson Did not marry. She was born in 1870.

(11) Samuel Dawson was born in 1871 and died in 1931.

(12) Henry Dawson was born in 1872 and died in 1950?

(13) Charles Dawson was born in 1874.

(14) Frederick Dawson was born in 1878 and died in 1878.

This branch is being researched by Jennifer.

b) Hannah Ballard Vaisey was born on 27 April 1835 at Wiltshire/Gloucestershire. She married William Manning on 3 February 1852 Wesleyan Church, Maitland and died in 1899 at Balmain, NSW.

(1) John Manning was born 31 December 1852 at Iona, Woodville and died 23 November 1891.

(2) Sarah Ann Manning was born 28 September 1854 at "Iona" Woodville and died on 2 November 1891. She marriedJ.W. Collier on 2 June 1880.

(3) Joseph Manning was born 26 July 1856 at "Iona", Woodville and died 12 October 1925.

(4) Louisa Manning was born 29 Sept 1858 at "Iona", Woodville and died in 1942. She mar. an unk Collier.

(5) Eliza Manning was born 16 Nov. 1860 at hastings River and died 31 Aug 1943.

(6) Mary Ann Manning was born 2 Nov. 1862 at "Iona", Woodville and died 27 June 1938. She mar. J. Thomas (?).

(7) Sophia Manning was born 5 Feb. 1865 at "Iona", Woodville and died 27 June 1938. She mar. J. Brown.

(8) Thomas Manning was born 24 June 1867 at "Iona", Woodville and died 23 Jan 1920. He did not marry.

(9) William Andrew Manning was born 13 Feb 1870 at Four Mile Creek, Maitland, and died 8 Oct 1947.

(10) Arthur Henry Manning was born 10 Aug 1872 at Bruce St, Newcastle, and died in 1933

(11) Hannah Matilda Manning was born 3 Aug 1874 at Melville St, Newcastle and died 21 December 1921. She married Douglas Sanders.

(12) Florence Hope Manning was born 9 Oct 1880 at Melville St, Newcastle and died 22 July 1923.


c) Elizabeth Vaisey was born on 14 November 1839 at Butterwick, Hinton, NSW. She married John Smith on 4 Aug 1862 at res. of Nathaniel Vaisey, Woodville, Patterson River.

(1) Sarah Ann Lucy Smith was born 12 Oct 1863 at The Bight and died 6 Sept 1943. She married Benjamin Osborn on 6 May 1904.

(a) Vena Osborn married Cecil Davis

(b) Edna Osborn married Owen Thomas

(c) Cecil Osborn

(d) Harold Osborn

(2) Mary Jane Smith was born 9 Sept 1865 and mar. Thomas Brown in 1883

(3) Harriet Hannah Smith was born 2 Dec 1871 at The Bight and died 26 Sept 1945 at Taree. She mar. Thomas Parker.

(a) Eileen Emma Parker

(4) Louisa Rachel Smith was born 19 May 1874 at The Bight and died 24 Jan 1923. She mar. Thomas Dines Poole

d) Thomas Vaisey was born in 1842 at Butterwick and died on 4 June 1915 at West Wallsend, NSW. He mar. Jane Walters 27 Oct 1876 at Merriwa.

(1) Nathan Thomas Walters Vasiey was born 27 Aug 1877 at Cullingral, Merriwa and died 10 Decc. 1968 at Mayfield. He mar.1 Emily Isabel Cole and mar.2 in 1905 to Margaret Lawson.

(a) Alison Liddle Lawson Vaisey  mar. William Farquhar and later John Watt.

(2) Grace Ann Vaisey was born 8 April 1879 at Cullingral, Merriwa and died in 1946. She mar. Nisbet Rankin Gray.

(3) Florrie Ruberta Jane Vaisey was born about 29 Feb 1888 at Tarago, Merriwa and died 13 July 1955 at Wallsend. She mar. Thomas Wylie 20 Sept 1913.

(4) George Aaron Ballard Vaisey was born 7 Feb 1891 at West Wallsend and died 5 April 1891 at West Wallsend.

This branch is being researched by Judy.

e) Mary Ann Vaisey was born on 13 October 1844 at Bowthorn, Hinton, and died 21 Dec 1914 at Maclean, NSW. She married William Parkinson 14 April 1865 at West Maitland.

(1) Sarah A. Parkinson was born 1866 at Maitland and mar. George Carter in 1890

(2) William Andrew Parkinson was born 1868 at Grafton and died 1940 at Maclean. He mar. Mary J. McLeay in 1894 at Maclean.

(3) Herbert B. Parkinson was born 1870 at Grafton and died 1873 at Maclean.

(4) Ada Jane Parkinson was born 1871 at Grafton

(5) Irwin Henry parkinson was born 1873 at Maclean and died 1931 at Narrandera.

(6) Laura Mabel parkinson was born 1874 at Maclean and mar. Eric C. Wells in 1895 at Maclean.

(7) Lillian G.C. Parkinson was born 1879 at Maclean and mar. George Law in 1906.

(8) Emily Louisa Beatrice Parkinson was born 16 June 1881 at Maclean and died before 1970. She mar. Phillip Thomas in 1919 at Maclean.

(9) Ruby Minnie Parkinson was born 1884 at Maclean.

This branch is being researched by Corinne.

f) John Vaisey was carpenter. He was born on 22 September 1846 at Butterwick, Hinton, NSW. He was baptized on 27 June 1847 at the Anglican Church, Morpeth. He married Emily Louisa Wicks, daughter of Henry Wicks and Georgiana Sargeant, on 20 September 1871 at Merriwa, NSW and died on 22 February 1913 at Charlestown at age 66. He was buried on 23 February 1913 at Charlestown.

(1) Ethel Fanny Beatrice Vaisey married John Jones and later a Patterson. She was born on 21 July 1872 at Merriwa, NSW.

(a) Bertie Jones

(b) Elsie Winifred Jones mar. Alfred Hood

(c) Ivy Patterson mar David James

(d) Effie Patterson mar John (?) Gorton

(2) Eva Ann Vaisey married Tom Crittendal. She was born in 1873.

(a) Ethel Crittendal

(b) Winifred Crittendal

(c) Hannah (Toss) Ctittendal

(d) Thomas Henry (Nuggett) Crittendal

(e) Eva Crittendal

(f) Sydney Crittendal

(g) Henry Crittendal

(h) Roy Crittendal

(3) Ernest Henry Nathaniel Vaisey married Esther Ann Rees. He was born on 19 August 1875 and died on 6 December 1926 at Aberdare at age 51.

(a) Leslie Arthur Vasiey

(b) Allyn Cecil Vaisey

(c) Edith Emily May Vaisey mar. HoraceHenry Chapel

(d) Mavis Ethel Vaisey

(e) Joyce Myrtle Esther Vaisey mar. unk Sutton

(f) Gladys Dorothy Vaisey

(g) Aimee Beatrice Vaisey

(4) Hannah Sargeant married John Jones. She was born in 1877, died on 23 December 1954 and is buried at Charlestown.

(a) Harold John Jones

(b) Nancy Jones mar. Bill Heath

(5) Percy John Vaisey married Mary Date. He was born on 29 February 1880 and died in 1955.

(a) John Vaisey

(b) Elva Vaisey

(6) Harold Hale Vaisey married Florance. He was born on 17 October 1887 and died on 11 May 1939 at Charlestown, NSW.

(a) Florence Vaisey

(b) Keith Vaisey

(c) Harold Vaisey

(7) Verena Emily May Vaisey was born on 4 December 1889 at West Maitland, NSW. She married Ralph Gettings Johnston, son of Peter Johnston and Catherine Elizabeth Gettings, on 31 December 1919 at New Lambton, NSW. She died on 26 July 1956 at Boolaroo, NSW.

(a) Coral Verena Johnston mar.Laurence William Crewe and later Leslie Harry Clements.

(b) Heather Ailsa Johnston and mar. George Edward Barraclough.

(c) Shirley Beryl Johnston married Leslie Roy Mitchell.

(8) Arthur Wilfred Victor Vaisey Did not marry. He was born on 12 October 1893.

This branch is being researched by Linda Barraclough

g) Andrew Vaisey married Mary Ann Duggan. He was born on 24 November 1848 at Albya Park, Clifden, Hunter Valley, NSW. He married Christine Munro, daughter of David Augustus Munro and Caroline Veal Wicks, on 5 April 1873 at Merriwa, NSW.

(1) Zenas Nathanial Vaisey was born in 1879 at Raymond Terrace.

(a) Dorothy Frances Vaisey mar. Christopher Hedley Henry

(b) Ethel Beatrice Vaisey mar. Norman Walkadine

(c) Hazel Thelma Vaisey mar. Thomas Arthur West

(d) Norman Wilfred Vaisey mar. Vera Langford

(e) Arnold Herbert Lindsay Vaisey mar. Joyce Jeffrey

(f) Victor Ronald Vaisey mar. Minnie Myrtle Simpson

(2) Andrew William Vaisey was born in 1880 at Hunter River, Newcastle.

(a) Ivan Vaisey mar. Vera

(b) Catherine Mary Vaisey mar. Alick Husband

(c) Phyllis Jean Vaisey mar. John Courts

(d) Effie Vaisey mar. Rev. Ernest Chapman

(e) Mervyn Vaisey mar. Doris Hemingway

(3) Albert Thomas Vaisey was born on 22 February 1882 at Hunter River, Newcastle. He married Margaret Grace Sinclair on 26 June 1905 at Wellington, NZ and died on 19 May 1963 at Repat Hosp, Greenslopes, Qld, at age 81.

(a) Un-named male Vaisey was born in 1906. He died in 1906.

(b) Albert Raymond Vaisey

(c) Selwyn Francis Sinclair Vaisey

(d) Harvey Colin Vaisey

(4) Cecil James Vaisey was born in 1883 at Hunter River.

(5) Ellen Vaisey died in 1958 at Sydney, NSW, mar. unk Coolahan

(a) Maurice Coolahan

(6) Mary Vaisey was born in 1885 and died in 1958 at Sydney, NSW.

6. Orlando Vaisey was christened on 29 January 1809 at Kingswood, Gloucs., England. He married Harriet Smith on 26 February 1839 at St Nicholas, Gloucester, Glos., England and died on 12 December 1879 at Clarence Town, NSW, Australia, at age 70. The family arrived at Port Adelaide per the Gomelza in 1856.

a) Mary Smith Vaisey born circa 1840. One Daughter of Orlando Vaisey married an R.J. Banks.

b) Eliza Vaisey born circa 1846. One daughter of Orlando Vaisey married an R.J. Banks.


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