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Ballard pre 1870 Gloucestershire, Eng
Barraclough  pre 1860 West Riding, Yorkshire, Eng
Barraclough  1848 plus Melbourne, Victoria, Aust
Barraclough  1855 - 1870 Ballarat, Victoria, Aust
Barraclough  1870 - 1880 Bendigo, Victoria, Aust
Barraclough  1875+ Darling River, NSW, Aust
Barraclough  any time New Zealand
Carter  pre 1830 West Riding, Yorkshire, Eng
Gettings pre 1860 Bilston, Staffs, Eng
Hale pre 1870 Gloucestershire, Eng
Hignett pre 1850 Liverpool, Lancs, Eng
Jennings pre 1870 Breag, Cornwell, Eng
Johnston pre 1880 Coatbridge, Fife, Scot
Leatham pre 1850  Liverpool, Lancs, Eng
Millard pre 1800 Cam, Gloucestershire, Eng
Milson  pre 1870 Hawkesbury, Gloucestershire, Eng
Pitblado  pre 1850 Stirlingshire, Scot
Salter  pre 1870 Bilston, Staffs, Eng
Sargeant pre 1870 Gloucestershire, Eng
Vaisey pre 1870 Gloucestershire, Eng
Vaisey 1838 - 1870 Hunter River, NSW, Aust
Vaisey 1860+ Merriwa, NSW, Aust
Verrus  pre 1870 London, Eng
Walker pre 1870 Hackney, London, Eng
Walker 1870+ Darling River, NSW, Aust
Wicks pre 1870 Gloucestershire, Eng
Wicks 1838+ Merriwa, NSW, Aust

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For families in Gloucestershire, towns include Kingswood (near Wotton-under-Edge), Wickwar, Hawkesbury, Cam and Berkeley.

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